• what's your role in a plastic-free ocean?

    this toolkit is a collection of tools and resources to empower individuals and communities to combat ocean plastic locally and globally


      invest in Microsoft shares Its aim is to direct individuals to FREE information and tools from experts. These should provide the additional skills needed so activists and community leaders can:

      • Effectively communicate the issues surrounding ocean plastic
      • Learn more about available solutions 
      • Find other interested parties to collaborate with 
      • Access easy-to-use 'how to' guides so they can facilitate action to tackle ocean plastic!

      The Toolkit is arranged in three easy-to-use sections



      Coca Cola shares Empower yourself with facts and figures on the issue



      Understand the full spectrum of ways we can solve the problem



      Use our resources to create positive change in your community

    • A Video Introduction

      Watch a webinar introduction to the Ocean Changemakers Toolkit. 

      Delivered by ocean advocate Emily Penn, in partnership with 11th Hour Racing.Buy Coca Cola shares

    • Collaborators

      This toolkit was put together by eXXpedition with the support of 11th Hour Racing

    • eXXpedition is a series of all women's voyages to make the unseen seen, from the toxics in our bodies to the toxics in our seas.

      Through the platform of sailing, 11th

      Hour Racing aims to increase our understanding of the oceans, find innovative solutions to the

      challenges that impact marine resources, and promote stewardship of the seas.

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